Stop Working Harder for Less

You work hard.  Really hard.  But your profits have flat-lined, or worse fallen off a cliff.  Help is here.

Ditch the boring lectures and complicated spreadsheets.  Learn what really drives your business profits.  Get practical, easy solutions to make more money.

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Judgement Free Zone

Do you feel embarrassed that you don’t have your finances in order and under control?  I get it.  I know you’re not dumb, lazy, or crazy.

You just want things explained in plain English.  Join the tour and learn in a place that’s safe, supportive, and practical.

Enter The Zone

Fun & Laughter Guaranteed

Anyone can say they make numbers fun, but who decides what’s fun?  Maybe there is someone who actually likes watching paint dry.

We get it.  That’s why we’re putting money behind our claim.  You’ll laugh or we’ll refund your money.  Guaranteed.

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So many of the artists, crafters, writers & performers I talk with are intimidated by the profit side of our business – we don’t understand numbers, and are afraid of what they might tell us, so we shut our eyes tightly and ignore them, hoping that we’ll just magically turn a profit by accident and sheer force of will. Nicole is out to change that for us, to get us to stop squinting suspiciously at numbers, overcome our anxiety and discover new ways to think about profit, pricing, and business spending habits.

Tori Deaux, Circus Serene

Meet the Crew

Tours don’t run on guitar riffs alone.

Besides the main act, there will be an entire crew to ensure things run smoothly. Of course our crew is a bit different than your average group of roadies.

Read all about the tour crew here